BUILD & CUSTOMIZE your very own Pirate Island into an unbeatable stronghold

RAISE your army and power up your crew and lead them into epic pirate battles

COLLECT over 16 powerful Heroes! Upgrade and boost their skills for better chance of winning

IMPROVE your island’s artillery, protect your resources & stand enemy attacks

CHOOSE your warship, open a new world route to explore, trade and find golds


ENCOUNTER dangerous sea monsters and scallywags, go kick their butts!

FORGE guilds with players and start pillaging enemies to become the Pirate King!


Heroes Captain Jack

Captain Jack

Jack is a legendary pirate who sailed across the seven seas. By the way he is not the Captain Jack Sparrow from you know where though! People think he's very rude, but in fact he is a very soft-hearted man. Captain Jack is known to be unyielding in battles, his unique reflective attack and revival skills could easily turn the tide.

Heroes Ember Rose

Ember Rose

The Pirate Queen who is known throughout the Caribbean Seas, she joins the rank because she loves the pirates way of being honest and direct natured. She utilizes her exceptional navigation skill and martial arts to lead her crew across the South Atlantic, plundering large batch of fleets. She could easily turn those pirate who wants her and her territory into dust, making the title "Pirate Queen - Rose" rang throughout the seven seas. In the battlefield, when her firepower is fully maxed out, everything in front will fall into the sea of fire.

Heroes Captain Hook

Captain Hook

The infamous Captain Hook who's ruthless and wicked. His lavish rapier and extensive hook gave him the title of "Sea Meatgrinder". Even the Imperial Commander had him engaged to Blond Princess in exchange for his surrender. No one expected him to reappear after 7 short days and attack all pirates and navy in craze. In battle, he is extremely threatening, with the telescopic hook to pull the target to the front, accompanied by crazy stab, coupled with the hands of the match, on a single point of breakthrough ability, he is definitely one of the best Hero!

Heroes Dualblade Blackbeard

Dualblade Blackbeard

The synonym of fear and death, a name feared by all seamen. Those navy that went to exterminate him just served as capitals to increase his bounty. Once he entered the battle, anything will turn into a sea of blood and flame; even the whales will retreat when he appears in a mad bloodthirsty state. It reduces the enemies' attack power. The more his two black machetes got dipped in blood, the more stronger its power become.


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